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"Nani" a very sweet Havenese
groomed by "Jan".

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A very young poodle puppy first groom with "Jan"
"River" did wonderful and what a cutey!

Grooming Angel Pet Salon
16007 56th Ave. Ct. E. #4
Puyallup, WA
(253) 539-9200 Lv msg.

We are located off of 160th St. and Canyon Rd. area. approx. one block east of the intersection in front of S & S Tire next to the Pierce County Skills Center.

Me & Mom back in 2006
" Thanks Mom for encouraging me to pursue my DREAMS!"

Dog and Cat Grooming 7 days a week 8am to 5pm
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(253) 539-9200 Open 7 days a week Monday thru Sunday 8am-5pm for Dog Grooming.  Cat Grooming in our All Cat Salon is available by appointment 7 days a week from 8-5pm! 

We are very excited to have placed #1 in King 5 Best of Western Washington 2015 ! Thanks to all of our wonderful clients & their loved pets! 
 Gentle, Licensed, Professional Groomers located in Puyallup, WA. (South Hill) We have moved down the street about one block from the intersection of 160th and Canyon road right infront of S & S Tire. We needed more space and great groomers to keep up with the demand ! We still have a dog yard to potty your pets before and during there grooming appointments as well.  Come on in and check out our new retail selection which also offers fresh baked gluten free dog treats!  16007 56th Ave. Court East # 4  Puyallup, Wa 98375  Give us a call at the same phone number 253-539-9200 if you need better directions.  It's only 5 blocks away from our old location. Many THANKS to our loyal customers that have helped us grow our business and succeed! Thanks for helping make our DREAM come true!   

Our NEW Grooming Salon !

Hi! My name is JAN LEWIS  and I have been professionally grooming dogs and cats now since 2001.  After a lot of soul searching I realized that I would truly be happier working for myself again.  I've always had a hard time just whipping out a large quantity of dogs a day that aren't what I'd call a detailed nice groom in order to get a bigger paycheck.  It's just not my style...I take a lot of pride in my work and "Quality versus Quantity" is what my grooming is all about.   I'm not into speed "zoom groom" jobs.  I'm very gentle, artistic, detailed and I take time to go over every detail with my clients.  I truly love grooming, it is my passion and I strive to make every customer happy. 

I have worked for small shops as well as a large Vet Hospital and have gained a lot of experience in the last 13 yrs.  I also have attended many Groom Shows, Seminars, and have many local mentors that have taken me under their wing and taught me to be the very best I can be by continuing to educate myself on the latest techniques and to keep learning constantly.  

If you are looking for a Gentle Professional Groomer then please give us a call.  I have worked with many senior pets and special cases (rescues) as well.  I treat every pet as if it were one of my very own. 

I will take the time to go over your pet with you and explain what is necessary to maintain the look you are wanting.  I'm not in a rush to push you out the door...I want you to feel comfortable with leaving your loved pet with us.

Working for a large Vet Hospital helped me become a better groomer in many ways.  I'm even more detailed then ever when it comes to ear hair pulling, ear cleaning, anal glands, gentle natural shampoo's, natural flea control alternatives etc... Also I can usually find (not diagnose) but refer you to a VET if necessary because I have seen enough of whatever I may discover when working on your pet that other groomers may not have as much experience in.  I have very high standards and every groomer that I have working for us does as well.

I have a special place in my heart for POODLES! I totally adore them and own a miniature, a toy poodle and a standard poodle that have been my guinea pigs sort of speak for new patterns.  I also own a Brussels Griffon, Yorkie, Beagle and Chihuahua's! Yes...they are all LICENSED, spayed, neutered, microchipped etc...current on shots, many were rescues. I really enjoy grooming Poodles, Shihtzu's, Lasha Apso's, Yorkies, mixes and the smaller breeds.  Yes..... they take more time then just doing the big bath & brush dogs, but to me they are twice as much fun because I can get artistic when it comes to grooming them.  

Each dog and cat is provided with a fresh bowl of water and a clean warm soft blanket in their crate.  Also dogs will be taken potty a few times and not just left sitting for hrs. in their cage expecting to wait until you arrive.  All cats will have a fresh litter pan available in their crate as well as a bowl of water.  If you'd like you can bring some food for them as well.  

There is no extra charge for having to drop them off in the morning before you go to work and leaving them in our care until your shift is over.  We are happy to care for them in order to make it easier for you to get them groomed during life's busy schedule.  You can drop them off in the morning as early as 8am and pick them up by 5pm.      

This has been a dream of mine that I'm finally going to pursue.... I recently lost my mother to Breast Cancer and have realized "LIFE IS SHORT" and I'd better get on with my dreams!  She was a big inspiration to me and still is.....She was my Hero and now is my ANGEL...and I hope to be your Dogs "GROOMING ANGEL"   

Please call us to discuss your pets needs and to arrange an appointment (253)539-9200  Lv. msg. please if no answer.  We may be working on a dog or talking with a client, thanks.  We will call you back asap!       

My Mom ( My ANGEL)
In Loving Memory 1945-2007
"My Dad & his Grandson"
Thanks Dad for teaching me STRONG WORK ETHICS & your continued support to "Go For It !"

Beautiful King Charles Spaniel

Open Monday thru Sunday 8am-5pm (DOG GROOMING)
8:00am - 5pm 

Open 7 days a week for all CAT GROOMING in our private salon next door to our Dog Salon from 8am to 5pm 


8am - 5 pm   

Nail Trims are on a walk in basis from 8am to 5pm no appointments neccessary. Just takes a few minutes while you wait! Cat nail trims available also 7 days a week!

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

"Tanner " a cockapoo enjoying the sun with "Jan"
waiting to be picked up after his groom session.

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16007 56th Ave.  Ct. E. # 4  Puyallup, Wa 98375  (253)-539-9200