My Aunt Janine & Craigs (fur child)
"Lexi" (Passed away recently of Cancer)
Our beloved chihuahua will be missed!
"Jingles" & Jayda"
Our Poodles
Lasha Apso Puppy
First Groom
Malttese Puppies
First puppy grooms
American Eskimo
After being groomed and Furminator (shedless treatment)
Siberian Husky
After his Groom
"Ditto" ( austrailian shepard mix)
After his Groom
Boxer puppy
After his Bath and Nail Trim
Bermese Mt. Dog
After his Groom
Old English Sheepdog
Groomed short (Pet Groom) owner preferred
After groomed in a longer pet clip
After Groom

Lion Cut (Lovey)
Cat Grooming Available Also!

"Timber" after her groom
A very sweet Chow Chow

Our Red Miniature Poodle

"Sophie" a sweet little Yorkie
Kept in a medium lenght hand scissor trim with longer top knot.

"Riley " in a cute puppy style( creative grooming)
This is a nice alternative to the typical wheatie style haircut

"Bella" Standard Poodle in a puppy cut
with a shorter top knot ( a lower maintainance clip)

"Max" a cute little Pomeranian I groom often!
He is a lucky rescued dog with a great new owner!

"Mattie" A Labradoodle puppy
I really enjoy grooming her often...she's a lot of fun!

Ellie & Bella (Our dogs)
Beagle and Brussels Griffon (red smooth coat)

Our Brussels Griffon (red smooth coat)

Breed Specific Grooming Price List

Prices may vary depending on the condition of your dog.  This is just an approx. price list and I can give you an exact amount in person when we dicuss your dogs needs and haircut.  Matted dogs will run a little bit more depending on how much time is involved.  Please call us to dicuss your pets needs at (253) 539-9200 lv. a message and I will get back to you asap if no answer.   

Small to medium mixed breeds usually are $55 depending on style desired for a full groom. We use only the Best Shampoos and other grooming products available.  We also have many Vet medicated Shampoos available.  You will notice a big difference in the way you dog looks and feels when top of the line products are used on your dogs skin and coat!  

Nail Trims only 

$10.00 for Small and Medium size dogs

$12.00 Large dogs... if extremely difficult and require extra staff  $15.00 

 Dog nails dremmeld/filed prices are Small=$10.00 Med.=$12.00 Large=$14.00  

Cat Nail Trims are $12.00 ...if extremely difficult $15.00 

  Nail polish for Poodles and other Diva dogs is an extra $12.00 many colors to choose from!

  • Teeth Brushing available for $5.00
  • Puppy starter package, Bath & Conditioner, nail trim, round paws, sanitary shave, face trim up for $25.00 a puppy.  Introduce them early to grooming sounds, clipper, table, bathing, nail trimming etc.... call me for more details!
  • Flea baths are an extra 10.00-15.00 per pet depending on size and how badly infested. (Please see our Flea Free Policy)
  • Anal gland expression only for $15.00 (this is included in a full groom package price. ) 
  • FURMINATOR (Shedless Treatment ) Available for an extra charge depending on size of dog $15-$35.00 additonal.

Difficult Pet HANDLING FEE 5.00-25.00 depending on required additional help and time involved. You will be called or told in advance to this additional charge if required.  If I'm unable to groom your Dog safely you may be referred to a Vet Hospital for grooming where they will be able to sedate your pet for the safety of your dog and the groomer (myself!)  I have a lot of experience in this due to being a vet groomer, so I will be upfront and let you know if you need to seek grooming where Dr.s are on duty.    


(Mixed breeds will be charged by what it is closest to in size and coat)

Most mixed breeds under 25 lbs are $50 for full grooms (haircuts)

Full Groom (Haircut etc..)includes everything listed under Bath plus the haircut. 

Bath/Brush/Nails/Sanitary/Anal Glands/Pads shaved/Feet neatly trimmed (rounded)/ Ears cleaned/ Ear Hair Pulled/ Bows/ Bandana/ Perfume/Hugs & Pats included!






$50 and up

Airedale Terrier

$75 and up



$85 and up

$80  and up depending on condition

Alaskan Malamute

$85 and up

$85 and up depending on condition

American Cocker Spaniel

60-65 depending on haircut & condition & size

$35-40 depending on size and temperment Bath/Brush out/nails/glands/ears cleaned, sani shave

American Eskimo (mini)

$55 and up depending on coat condition, temperment etc...

$45-50 depending on size, condition and temperment

American Eskimo (standard)

$55-75 Depending on condition and haircut etc...

$55 and up depending on size, temperment and condition.

American Water Spaniel 

$55 and up depending on size, condition and haircut

$40-45 depending on size and condition

Australian Cattle Dog

$55-60 depending on coat, condition and temperment.

50 and up depending on coat, condition and temperment.

Australian Shepard

$55-85 depending on how much coat and trimming, dematting etc...

$50 no trimming just the above included in bath price

Australian Terrier

$55 and up full groom

$35 Bath and nails and sani


Bearded Collie

$35 Beagle

$65 and up Brd. Collie Full Groom

$35 Beagle  

$55 bath, nail and sani shave, anal glands no trimming except for feet.

Bedlington Terrier

$55-70 depending on haircut and condition

$35-40 depending on condition for bath,nails, pads shaved, sani, ears cleaned, glands expressed.

Belgian Sheepdog

$55-75 and up depending on size, condition and haircut.

$55 -75 and up depending on size, condition and temperment.

Belgian Tervuren

$55-70 depending on haircut

$45-55 bath services only as listed above.

Bernese Mountain Dog

$65-85 depending on coat & condition & haircut etc...

$55-60 depending on size and coat condition... no trimming/ what's included in bath price only 

Bichon Frise

$55-70 depending on haircut

$35-45 depending on size and condition

Border Collie

$55-65 trim up

$45-50 depending on coat

Border Terrier


Boston Terrier

$55 and up  trim up

$55 and up

Boston Terrier $35


$50 and up depending on condition and temperment

Boston Terrier $30

Bouvier des Flanders

$65-80 depending on haircut & condition

$50 and up no trimming


$55 depending on size

$45-50 depending on size and temperment


$75 and up

$55 no trimming


$55 and up depending on size,condition and haircut

$45 and up depending on condition, size and temperment

Brussels Griffon smooth coat

Brussels Griffon (rough coat)

Bull Dogs( Frenchie & English)

Bull Terrier


$55 haircut

Bull Dogs $50-65 depending on size
Frenchies =$35

Bull Terrier $45.00-55 depending on size and temperment etc...

Same prices as listed in groom column.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

$55 and up depending on coat & condition


Cairn Terrier



Chihuahua (long coat & smooth)

Long coat trim up $45-55 depending on coat, condition and temperment
Smooth coat $25-30 depending on size

$20-25 Bath/nails etc... for either coat Chihuahua (no haircut)

Chinese Crested (powderpuff)

& hairless

Powder Puff $55 Hairless $35-40 depends on size and temperment

Same as Groom column

Chow Chow 

$85-95 depending on haircut

$55-65 depends, on size, condition and temperment

Clumber Spaniel

$60 and up


Collie (rough)

$60-75 full groom

$40-45 Bath / nails etc...only / no haircut

Collie (smooth)

$55-70 depends on coat condition etc...

$45 and up depends on size, temperment and condition

Corgi (Welsh , Cardigan)

Curly Coated Retriever

$55 and up depending on how much trimming, dematting, coat and size.
Furminator add on service is highly recommended with this breed!

$55-65 curly coat Rtrv.

$50-55 lots of brushing!

$50-55 curly coat Rtrv. bath service

Dachshund (smooth or wirehaired)

Smooth $25
Long Haired/Wired $50-55 haircut depending on condition etc...

Smooth $25
Wired Bath/ no trim up $25


Dandie Dinmont Terrier


Dalmation $50-55

Dandie Dinmont $55
Doberman $55 and up depending on size and temperment


$35 -45Dandie Dinmont Bath Service


English Cocker Spaniel

$60-65 depending on condition and haircut


English Setter


$35 -40

English Springer Spaniel

$55-75 depends on haircut and condition etc..


English Toy Spaniel

$55 and up depending on haircut, size and condition.


Field Spaniel

$50-65 depending on size etc.


Finnish Spitz



Flat Coat Retriever



German Shepard

$55-85 depends on size,lenght of coat and condition.

$40-50 depends on size

German Shepard (long-haired)

65-100  depending on coat


German Wirehaired Pointer

Golden Doodle

$50-65 depending on haircut

$75 -85 and up depending on condition, size


$35-50 Golden Doodle Bath

Golden Retriever

$65 and up depending on size and condition

$50 and up depending on size/weight BATH , EARS CLEANED & NAILS TRIMMED ONLY

Gordon Setter


$45-50 depending on size and coat

Great Dane 

Great Pyrenees

Grey Hound

Great Dane $55-80 depending on size and temperment

Great Pyrenees $75 -90 +up


Same Prices as Groom Column



$55 and 65 depending on condition and haircut and hand scissoring

65-100 and up Depending on size and amount of undercoat and condition.

$30-35 depending on size, coat and condition.

Husky is the same price in Groom Column (call for more info)

Irish Setter

$65-75 depending on condition   


Irish Terrier

$50-70 depending on haircut desired, condition etc...


Irish Water Spaniel



Irish Wolfhound

Italian Greyhound



$45-55 depending on size.


Jack Russel Terrier (smooth or rough coat)

Smooth coat $30
Rough coat (light trim up if neccessary) $30-35

Same price as Groom column

Japenese Chin

$50-55 depending on desired haircut & condition



$55-85 depending on condition/matted/shaved down etc....

$50 and up Bath/Brush & Nails& Ears cleaned & Glands expressed, pads and sani shave included. If more trimming is desired that is considered a Full Groom. 

Kerry Blue Terrier

$55-70 depending on haircut, condition etc...








Labradoodle (depending on size) please inquire

Labrador Retriever

$75 and up depending on condition etc...

$50-65 depends on size 

$45 and up depends on size

$45-55 depends on size

Lakeland Terrier

$55-75 depends on haircut desired


Lhasa Apso

$55-65 depends on size,haircut & condition






Manchester Terrier (toy)

Mastiff (English & Bull)

Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin)

$55-65 depending on condition and haircut

$30-35 Manchester (Toy)

Mastiffs 70 and up depending on size

$40-50 depending on size and temperment. (Min Pin)

$30-35 depends on size Maltese bath/brush/ nails etc... no haircut

Other Breeds same price as groom column

Newfoundland (Newfie)

$75-100 depending on weight/size and condition

$50-65 no trimming

Norwegian Elkhound



Norwich Terrier

$55-65 depending on condition and desired haircut


Old English Sheepdog

$75-100 depending on condition and haircut

$50 (no trimming except feet rounded)





$50-55 depending on size, haircut requested, condition of coat etc...



$50-55 depending on haircut desired and size


Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Pit Bull 

$50 and up

$50-65 depends on size and temperment


Pit Bull $45-60


$50-55 depends on size, condition and haircut. 

$25-35 depends on size and coat Bath/Brush/Nails only

Poodle (Toy)


$25-30 We will tidy poodle feet and face for this price.

Poodle (Miniature)

$55 and up depending on haircut 

$25-35 We will tidy poodle feet aand face for this price.

Poodle (Standard)

$70-150 depending on haircut (style/pattern etc...)

$45-50 We will tidy up poodle feet and face for this price.

Portuguese Water Dog



$30-35 (Pug) depends on size and condition of coat, we highly recommend the Furminator Shedless treatment!


($30-35 Pug) Furminator De-shedding available (add on service $10-15)



$45-60 depends on size/weight



Saluki Bath $35


$55-85 depending on condition (this includes trimming/haircut)

Same pricing as groom column

Schnauzer (Mini)

$55-60 This is the most popular size 12"-14" weight approx. 13-15 lbs. Depends on style and condition, temperment.


Schnauzer (Standard)

$55-60 very popular also, many owners actually have this size and think they have a "mini".  It is just a little taller 17'-19" and weighs approx. 25-33lbs.


Schnauzer (Giant)

$65 -85Largest size stands 25"-28" high and weighs about 70-80lbs.


Scottish Terrier (Scottie)

Shar Pei

$55-65 (Scottie full groom) depends on size, temperment and condition.

$50 and up depending on size and temperment (Shar Pei)

$25-30 depending on condition and size

$50 and up(same for Shar Pei)

Shetland Sheepdog

Shibu Inu

$55-65(Sheltie)depends on size and condition

$45-50 (Shibu Inu) Highly recommend the FURMINATOR SHEDLESS treatment for this breed.  Eliminates alot of shedding!

$40-50 (Sheltie)depending on conditon matted etc...time  to brush out.

Same price (Shibu Inu)

Shih Tzu

Staffordshire Terrier

$50 (most pet trims) and up for handscissoring long trims.

$45-50 (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 

$25-30 (Shih Tzu)

$35 (Stafordshire Bull Terrier)

Siberian Husky

$75-80 depending on how dirty and size/condition/temperment

Furminator shedless treatment HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to help shedding!

same as groom price


Silky Terrier (Silky)

$50-55 (Also highly recccomend FURMINATOR SHEDLESS TREATMENT as an ad on service for this breed)
Silky Terrier full groom $55-60


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

$65-85 depending on haircut/matted/condition etc....


St. Bernard

$75-95 depending on condition/ matts removed/shavedown etc...please call for more details!

$50-75 depends on size, condition and temperment (bath/brush/nails/sanitary/pads shaved)

Sussex Spaniel



Tibetan  Spaniel

$35-45 depending on conditon and required haircut


Tibetan Terrier




Welsh Springer Spaniel

$50-55 depending on size 

$50-65 depending on haircut (Welsh Springer)


Same price for both breeds listed in groom column.

Welsh Terrier



West Highland White Terrier (Westie)

$55-65 depending on haircut and conditon

$35-45 depends on size, temperment and condition


Wire Fox Terrier 

$45 and up (Whippet full groom service)


$30-35 (Whippet)

$30-35 (Wire Fox Bath service)

Wire haired Pointing Griffon

$50-60 Depending on style of haircut & condition.


Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

$50-55 Depending on size, haircut and temperment.

$30-45 depending on size of your Yorkie (Bath Service)

I'm sure we have missed some breeds please call to inquire for more info! Thanks

(253) 539-9200

Please email us and let us know what breeds we are missing that you'd like a price on.