Ask about our Flea Baths and Shedless program! Get a Jump start on flea Control today! Frontline Plus Flea topical treatment also can be applied after your pets groom if you'd like!

Mini Austrailian Shepard after his Groom appt.

Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy
"Kramer Dude"

Sweet "Maisie" a Yorkie after her groom!


Airedale Terrier 6-8 weeks
Akita 8-12 weeks
Alaskan Malamute 8-12 weeks
American Cocker Spaniel 6 weeks
American Eskimo 6-10 weeks
American Water Spaniel 6 weeks
Australian Shepard 4-5 weeks
Bassett Hound 4 weeks
Beagle 6-8 weeks
Bearded Collie 4 weeks
Bernese Mountain Dog 4-6 weeks
Bichon Frise 4-5 weeks
Border Collie 6-8 weeks
Brussels Griffon 4-6 weeks (wire coat)
Brussels Griffon 4-8 weeks(smooth coat)
Cairn Terrier 6-8 weeks
Cavalier King Charles 4-8 weeks
Chihuahua 6-8 weeks
Collie 6-10 weeks
Dachshund 6-8 weeks
English Setter 8-12 weeks
German Shepard 4-6 weeks
Golden Retriever 4-6 weeks
Great Dane 6-8 weeks
Great Pyrenees 8-12 weeks
Golden Doodle 4-6 weeks
Havanese 4-5 weeks
Labrador Retriever 4-8 weeks
Labradoodle 4-6 weeks
Lasha Apso 4-6 weeks
Maltese 4-6 weeks
Malti-poo 4-6 weeks
Mastiff 6-8 weeks
Norfolk & Norwich Terriers 6-8 weeks
Old English Sheepdog 4 -8 weeks
Pomeranian 4-8 weeks
Poodles (all sizes) 4-6 weeks
Pug 4-6 weeks
Puggle 4-6 weeks
Samoyed 4-6 weeks
Schnauzer(all sizes) 6-8 weeks
Scottish Terrier 6-8 weeks
Shetland Sheepdog 6-8 weeks
Shih Tzu 4-6 weeks
Siberian Husky 4-6 weeks
Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier 4-8 weeks
Tibetan Terrier 4-6 weeks
Welsh Terrier 6-8 weeks
West Highland Terrier 6-8 weeks
Yorkshire Terrier 4-6 weeks
Yorkie-poo 4-6 weeks
All poodle type mixes with similiar coats need groomed atleast every 4-6 weeks
Thank-you for your business! We appreciate each and every one of you!  

If you don't see your breed listed and you have any questions please contact us at (253) 539-9200