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One lucky and happy kitty now!
"White Socks" named by our son!


We now have a special kitty "White Socks" who greets our customers in the shop! 
If you come in for a visit you will notice we have a new addition to our groom salon who loves to greet our clients.  His name is "WHITE SOCKS" named by our son.  This special little kitty had been a stray for about 6 months in our neighborhood and between us and the neighbors we had been putting food out for the poor little guy and providing an outdoor kitty house for him to get in.  Our nice neighbors moved and couldn't take him with and we looked everywhere for months to find a new home without any luck.  In the meantime our 7 yr. old son became very attached and named the kitty.  I must admit it is the friendliest cat I've ever known and it really needed to be seen by a vet....so off I went to get shots, wormer, ear mite meds, eye drops,  antibiotics, feline leukemia/parvo tests etc..etc.. 
Then of all things White Socks ended up in a bad fight with a raccoon over his food bowl we believe ( a lesson learned by us) not to feed him outdoors anymore.  Blood was gushing from his face,ear and eye so up to the vet we went again.  He ended up with two fractured teeth, an injured ear (bit through) and a bad eye injury and needing meds again!  So to make a long story short "White Socks" got neutered at the same time  & rest of shots etc...and is recovering well.  His new home is indoors only and he has become a great addition to our salon and is one happy kitty now.  
At this time we are saving up our grooming tips and putting it in a fund to pay for White Socks eye surgery needed asap.  The raccoon really got him good and he can barely see out of his eye anymore.  Socks says "Thanks for the tips" because he will really appreciate having this expensive eye surgery done very soon.   
Update  : White Socks has had his eye surgery and is doing very well and says Thanks !

White Socks play area in the shop

This is the "LIFE" I have dreamed of!

Thankfully I'm in here nice and warm now!
No more coon or possum fights! I'm very safe now!

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Best Buddies!
One Happy Kitty now!

Very Gentle Cat Grooming for your loved kitty!