" You groom dogs … oh great maybe you could do our dog for us ?" Should I come back in a hour?
A large portion of the general public believes grooming a dog is just popping the dog in the bath and running a clipper over them and that’s the grooming procedure complete. This could not be further from the truth. Your groomer is a very valuable addition to your dog’s life. If your groomer is competent then from the moment your dog enters the salon with you, it is being assessed but you are probably not even aware of it happening. Many health problems and issues can be brought to an owner’s attention. Living with your dog day in day out it can be difficult to notice small changes. For example you might not notice your friend standing with a more arched back, which could possibly indicate a back/disc problem. A foul smell can be anything from a dirty bum to an ear infection or a piece of stick caught between the dog’s teeth. While your pet is being groomed we handle every square inch of their body. We can be an added early warning system by bringing to your attention lumps, bumps, sores, old wounds, torn nails, skin problems, restricted movement in joints and limbs which can be early indications of conditions that vets can help provide relief for…. The list can be endless !! Apart from that side of things we can offer advice on a huge variety of problems connected with your pet such as; training, diet, exercise, choice of dog, boarding, dealing with the passing of a pet etc etc.
So your little friend is being groomed today. Did you know that while he is being worked on that his ears will be checked and any excess hair, which can lead to problems, will be removed. The ears will then be cleaned and if your dog requires veterinary help to treat an infection you will be advised of this. His teeth and gums will be looked at to see if you need to consider some dental treatment with your vet or whether giving fido a bone to chomp will keep his teeth clean. His nails will be trimmed and can be filed down if requested. Large hard plugs which can form from hair and dirt between the pads which feel like walking with stones in your shoes will be removed for your dogs comfort. All around his privates will be clipped and cleaned for ongoing hygiene at home. His skin and coat will be assessed for the most suitable shampoo. His coat will be attended to whether he is being brushed out or put into a clipped style. Your groomer needs to base their decision on how to best maintain his coat in a style that suits you, and your pet, and his lifestyle keeping him comfortable until his next grooming session. His collar will be checked for wear and tear- to make sure it is still performing safely.
This is only a brief summary of a dogs day out at the groomers…we haven’t even mentioned anal glands………..

Grooming a dog that has been kept on a regular schedule of every 4-6 wks. it may take a few hrs. depending on the style of cut. Typically though for me to do a very nice detailed job it may take 3-4 hrs. on a full groom. I don't Zoom Groom in order to make more money.  I want you to be happy with a well groomed pet and come back and see us again. Your dog will be walked several times for potty breaks and always provided with a fresh bowl of water and a soft blanket in it's cage. You may also bring food or it's special toy etc...if you feel it is needed.
So next time you collect fido and wonder about his day and the price you pay bear in mind your hairdresser does not give you a pedicure/manicure or any of the extras doggies get….and most importantly they only concern them selves with the hair on your head !!

I'll admit that before I became a groomer I wondered what the heck was taking so long!  Now I get it!  Rushing a groomer is like trying to rush an artist...if you want a really nice job...don't worry fido is probably enjoying his day at the spa and just enjoy your free time.  I always spread out my groom appts. where I have a client checking in every hour up until about 2pm.  That way it gives me time to go over everything I need to know about your dog with you.  Also your dogs stay won't be a 6 or 8 hr. stay like a lot of large zoom groom operations that check them all in in the morning and they are done by closing.  I hope this may help you understand what all a dog and cat groomer does while your loved pet is at the spa.